15 Ways To Leverage AI In Customer Service


Despite new action taken to improve future outcomes, there’s little to be done for customers who had negative past experiences. For example, the technology can identify patterns that indicate a customer’s intent based on web activity or text and route the call or chat to the appropriate agent. Intent prediction enables contact centers to up their game by giving customers the assistance they need in the way they want. One story of woe is that of a telecoms company which had focused on reducing call times in its service centre when onboarding new fibre network customers. But when the firm partnered with McKinsey & Company to analyse journey data, it found that reducing call times caused more follow-up technician visits.

  • Not every piece of technology is right for every organization, but AI will be central to the future of customer service.
  • Consumers are looking for personalization, convenience, and an interaction that is seamless and hassle-free.
  • CX professionals who target specific moments or touchpoints in the journey without a clear and complete picture fight a losing battle.
  • In addition, chatbots can help to filter and surface critical feedback more quickly, as customers are more likely to provide honest feedback in a conversational setting.
  • By having the system transcribe interactions across phone, email, chat and SMS channels and then analyze the data for certain trends and themes, an agent can meet the customer’s needs more quickly.
  • Nara Logics uses AI to help radiologists read CT scans and other diagnostic images.

Accenture and Vodafone have used AI to get smarter about the way the communications company handles 15 million customer calls a year. Analyze conversation performance through the service funnel to improve and enhance the overall experience. Accelerate time-to-deployment with 200+ pre-built virtual agent conversation flows across several industries. Rapidly design and execute automated conversations, compatible with any existing technology partner. Delta sends a customer manifest for each flight to CBP, which then creates a photo gallery based on that manifest. We’re extremely excited to announce that we have changed our company name to CommBox.

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Using voice recognition and language processing tech, support teams can offer better customer experiences with traditional low-touch support solutions, like interactive voice response systems. This saves time for both the company and the customer, while also cutting down the on costs. With the advent of AI in customer analytics, brands can excavate nuanced insights on their customers. In the absence of AI, data mining used to be tedious and time-consuming. Now AI-powered systems can process and analyze vast amounts of data and gather insights, which can open new doors of opportunities to businesses. By effectively implementing AI, brands can analyze every customer action, discover their interests, and use these insights to drive successful targeted marketing campaigns.

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After all, customer feedback is a direct representation of the customer or user experience. For example, object detection can be used by ecommerce brands to aid image search functionality. With AI-powered software, an online shopper can easily take a snap of a product, and get presented with similar products available to buy. For agents, AI can help them streamline their workflows and eliminate those repetitive everyday tasks.

So, is AI coming for your customer service job?

Let’s have a look at the 10 ways AI can improve customer service experience. Machine learning also enables chatbots and similar tools to improve responsiveness and solve problems based on the results of previous conversations, enhancing customer experience. Chatbots monitor customer activity and can provide answers to frequently asked questions, help with abandoned cart recovery, offer assistance during the checkout process, and more. Even if a chatbot cannot solve an issue, it can easily transfer a customer to a human agent. As mentioned above, AI in customer service makes human agents’ work much smoother by solving fundamental problems while support agents focus on complicated cases that require human knowledge, empathy, and attention. They’re powerful tools that can help with virtually any daily task a human support agent performs.

AI For Customer Service

Customer service is not only an internal department that takes care of resolving customers’ concerns and doubts. It is a crucial part of many organizations’ brands and is directly influencing how potential customers perceive them. The customer service industry has always been a key part of the business, as it represents interaction with the end users. With the use of machine learning techniques and Natural Language Processing , computers can now crunch through vast amounts of data to assess needs, preferences, and emotional responses. Over the past few years, Natural Language Understanding has evolved rapidly, with chatbots able to respond to increasingly complex queries. AI has penetrated many industries including retail, healthcare, and financial services, but this technology hasn’t been widely adopted in the customer service industry.

What do you need to set up AI for customer service?

According to Cogito, callbacks rate was lowered by 10%, and the customer satisfaction rate grew by 28%. Artificial Intelligence involves the creation of intelligent machines that can work and react like humans. AI has become popular in recent years due to the advancement of technology and the increase in data storage capacity. The capability to store and process enormous amounts of data has allowed AI to develop at a rapid pace. Additionally, the availability of computing power has made it possible to create more sophisticated AI algorithms. While post-interaction feedback can be helpful, this data is diagnostic and anchored in the past.

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Real-World Examples of AI-Powered Customer Service

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Most AI services were initially aimed at enterprise companies, which have both the resources and the enormous training data sets to make effective use of the systems. Since it requires accurate learning, AI can turn out to be a thinkable investment for service structures where the overall volume of support conversations is in thousands on monthly basis. Discover how you can combine people and technology to enable conversations that deliver real business value. Uncover and optimize new industry-specific journeys and engagement opportunities to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction. These are just some of the key benefits to using AI in customer service. In truth there are many more such as improved conversion, better retention, quality scores and precision.