DJ H-Mac ft. KOBY & Teed Loud – Pempula (Video |+MP3)


After a hiatus from the music scene, DJ H-Mac, the head honcho of New-Age Entertainment, makes a triumphant return with his latest single, “Pempula,” featuring KOBY and Teed Loud. The release is complemented by an official music video directed by Director Fanwell.

In “Pempula,” the artists convey a heartfelt message about the importance of checking up on each other as friends and family. The track addresses the prevalent issue of fair-weather relationships, emphasizing the need for genuine connections that go beyond superficial benefits. DJ H-Mac, also the producer of the soundtrack, brings his signature touch to the music, creating a melodic and resonant piece.

Immerse yourself in the meaningful lyrics and engaging beats of “Pempula.” Listen, download, and enjoy the visual experience that accompanies this impactful return to the music scene by DJ H-Mac below.