What happened to HIPHOP??

I come from an era where rappers used to tell stories and give us information on what’s going on in our communities.

These days rappers are too afraid to express themselves freely and that is slowly killing the culture.

Personally, I Regret Making the Tiliko Record featuring Slapdee and Macky 2. It might have been good for the Zambian Music Industry as a Whole because it brought about some Unity, but for the Hip Hop Culture it wasn’t.

Hip hop is a Highly Competitive Sport which Requires a Certain Aggression.

Rappers these days are Playing Safe and avoiding any kind of conflict which should NOT be the case.

I encourage All Rappers to Speak their minds like they did before, there is NOTHING to Fear. I can clearly see that Hip Hop fans are now BORED.

Let’s get back to the Drawing board guys, let’s compete again. Do it for the Culture. The War is Lyrical not Physical, and Remember it’s nothing Personal.

And you should ALWAYS have in mind that there is No “Lineage” in Hip Hop. No One Will Hand Over the Throne to Anyone. You have to Take it by Putting in Competitive Work!

And I am not saying you have to Disrespect the Rappers you found in the Game, Competing without Fear or Favour is what we have to Bring back….