Eazy the Producer issues public challenge to Kofimix for beat-making competition


Eazy the Producer, known for his hit tracks and collaborations with top artists, has issued a public challenge to fellow producer Kofimix to a beat-making competition. In a recent facebook live captioned ‘I challenge you to beat this beat kolokodailo iwe 😎.’, Eazy stated that he loves what he does – he’s craft and he wants to see who comes out on top in a friendly competition.

Kofimix has yet to respond to the challenge, but fans are already excited at the prospect of seeing the two producers go head-to-head.

Kofimix is sure to be looking for revenge in this latest challenge.

Stay tuned for updates on the Eazy vs. Kofimix beat-making competition. Who do you think will come out on top? Let us know in the comments.