F Jay Wants To Collaborate With Zimbabwean Star Tamy Moyo


 F Jay has collaborated with almost very house hold name in the game. We’re talking everyone from Macky2, SlapDee, Chef 187 and Roberto to producers of the likes of DJ Mzenga Man and KB killa Beats just to mention but a few. Impressive not so?, no doubt; but there is one artist who the King RnB is eager to connect with Zimbabwean singer songwriter and actor Tamy Moyo.

The talented MC took time to comment on a Facebook post which was posted by Tomy Moyo and expressed his heart desire to collaborate with the Zimbabwean gifted songbird, writing: “ Gotta Make A Jam With Tamy.. Just Gotta.” We might we be graced with the song from the two stars cuases Tamy responded to F Jay with a caption “Link Up”.