I don’t listen to Zambian Music – Ruff Kid


I don’t listen to Zambian Music – Ruff Kid

The Zambian Music  multi award winning hip hop giant and the BEFFTA award winner known for his Zealous performances Ruff kid has shocked fans when he came out to say he doesn’t listen to Zambian music

While some fans may take this news as Ruff kid’s style of doing things, others are in dismay as in why he said that. For a big artist, they expected him to have a respect for zed music.

In an exclusive interview he did on Diamond television, he came out point blank to say he does not have a playlist with a Zambian music in it. Ruff kid is known as a fearless hip hop artist, and he will just say the truth as it is. And he went on to even tag some big happening names.

Some names he mentions where Slapdee’s, making it clear that he listened to his latest album ‘’mother tongue’’ but not like putting it on repeat like songs he would wake up in the morning and play.

When asked about how he discovered Young Dizmo who he fathers in the music industry, he was quick to mention that when a Zambian artist is trending, everyone listens. And that is how he discovered him and did a hit song with the young artist.

In the days when the money king was putting up stunts coping Lil Wayne, he agreed being inspired by him at the time and tapping some styles from Wayne