Killa – Surprise (EP)


Zambian rapper Killa has once again raised the bar in the Zambian music scene with the surprise release of his new EP, “Surprise“. The EP, which was unexpected and dropped without warning, has already generated a buzz among fans and music critics alike.

Killa, who had a successful 2022, where he was ranked second among the top five rappers in Africa with the most monthly listeners on Spotify, has solidified his position as a leading African rapper. The Surprise EP is a reflection of Killa’s growth as an artist and showcases his versatility as a musician

The EP’s lead single, “Dear 2023“, is a powerful and introspective track that speaks to the rapper’s journey so far and his aspirations for the future. Killa reflects on the lessons he has learned and the goals he wants to achieve in the coming year, and how he plans to get there. The track is a powerful anthem that inspires listeners to chase their dreams and never give up.

The second track on the EP, “Like Pele“, is a tribute to one of the greatest soccer players of all time, Pele and it features Brazilian rapper Lucca DL . Killa pays homage to Pele’s legacy and how he has inspired him as an artist. The track is a perfect blend of Killa‘s lyrical prowess and his ability to pay homage to an iconic figure in a creative way. The song showcases the depth of Killa‘s artistry, as he seamlessly weaves together elements of soccer, music and storytelling.

Overall, the Surprise EP is a body of work that is sure to impress both old and new fans of Killa. It’s a reflection of his growth as an artist and showcases his versatility as a musician. Fans can expect a lot more from the Zambian rapper as he continues to push the boundaries of African music and set new standards in the industry. Killa‘s Surprise EP is not just a musical masterpiece, but it’s a call to action for his fans to chase their dreams and never give up