Lulu Wood. Hard working Zambian’s Appreciation



17yrs ago, my media journey in Zambia began with an internship at ZNBC. After graduating in 2005, I then started my 1st Job at Muvi TV. The pay was extremely low and we worked out of a relatively small studio. There was no big social media following, no corporate endorsements, no makeup lol JUST PURE PASSION. Initially it was not financially rewarding, but passion pushed us. I worked long and hard hours for the love of the job. Years later, a few things have changed, but never for a moment be fooled into thinking it came on a silver platter for us. Alot of young people ask me, “how can I be famous?” Truth is I don’t know… That was never the goal for me. The influence came as a by-product of the work I put in. So to any young person out there contemplating the media route… PUT IN THE WORK!