Macky 2 replies to South Africa Rapper ” Kwesta” watch


after the south African rapper“Kwesta” said , he doesn’t listen to Zambian Music, Macky 2 replies and says, his just watching what is happening .

not song long ago, Nasty C a rapper from South Africa came in Zambia and in an interview Nasty C, was asked if he knows Macky 2, Nasty C said, he doesn’t know Macky 2, and later on, ON THE 11TH April 2022, his fellow Artist from the same country “South Africa’ Kwesta, a rapper from South Africa in an interview says ” he doesn’t listen to Zambian music . but he will start. so Macky 2 same day today, he posted on Facebook saying, NDELOLESHAFYE” a bemba word which means I’m just watching , so we can relate that Macky 2, his not happy and that statement means a lot see it below