Maseleti Stole The Stage Name Claimed By The Owner………..


Acconding to the information received as Zedturn promoters, these guys have been friends for so long not until they broke up that friendship.The name (Akamu Boys Kapa Kasama) was stoled from another based artiste in Northern province (Kasama) so called Trexy dollar aka (Akamu Boys Kapa Zambia) and Maseleti changed “Zambia and adds Kasama” after both had misunderstandings. The owner is now claiming Maseleti to stop using (Akamu Boys Kapa Kasama)

And it has come to our attention that from his first girlfriend “SALI” was taken back from her ex in Nseluka (Kasama).

Trexy dollar aka (Akamu Boys Kapa Zambia) the owner of the real name is about to drops a new banger ✅👏 “Story part 1” this week were he will explains everything….

Enjoy the screenshots and listen to phone calls