Mordecaii ZM Denies ‘Biggest Artist’ Claim


Mordecaii ZM Denies ‘Biggest Artist’ Claim

Zambian rising star Mordecaii zm recently had the opportunity to sit down for an insightful interview with DJ Showstar on “Showstars House.”

During this candid conversation, the talented artist shed light on his journey in the music industry and addressed a trending topic that had been circulating on social media.

One of the key points that Mordecaii zm wanted to clarify during the interview was a statement that had caused some confusion and stirred up discussions online. There were claims that he had declared himself as the biggest artist in the country. 

In the interview, Mordecaii explained that the statement had been misinterpreted and taken out of context. He clarified that he had never proclaimed himself as the biggest artist in Zambia. Instead, he had stated that he believed he had the biggest song in the country at that moment.

By addressing this misconception directly, Mordecaii aimed to provide clarity and eliminate any misunderstandings. He emphasized that he had a tremendous amount of respect for the talented artists in Zambia and recognized the achievements and contributions of his fellow musicians.

In conclusion, Mordecaii’s interview on “Showstars House” with DJ Showstar offered a valuable opportunity for him to address the “biggest artist” controversy and provide clarity on his statement.