“Most of the time, they only show love when it’s too late” says Zambian soulful musician Wezi


In my humble opinion, I know I can’t force people to listen to my music or attend my shows but what bothers me is when people receive bad news that the artiste is no longer with them is when they come out in large numbers to pay their “last respects”…

Well, here we are right now!!!
We aren’t perfect, we make mistakes but we are doing our very best to share the authentic Zambian music in different genres but I find that most of the time people would rather love us in silence and even bully us on social media day and night and only say great things when it’s too late!

So much has happened since my last event and I would love to feel the love. For those that appreciate who I am and the music I make, there’s no better time for you to show that. My band of 8 instrumentalists/vocalists and I have spent years growing in our discipline as Zambian musicians who are passionate about live music performances. There’s nothing that drains the soul and spirit of an artist than to sing to an empty audience, it’s demotivating…

We organize these events in venues like The Music Club with the desire to share great musical moments with those who appreciate our work and show us love while we can.

I believe that as a Zambian artist, I have what it takes to play at venues like The music club even without an international artist headlining the venue and the best encouragement for me is to see each & everyone make the effort to attend.