Nasty C – I Love It Here (Full ALBUM)


Eminent South African rapper, Nasty C, has set the music world ablaze with his latest studio album, “I Love It Here”.

This project represents a significant evolution in his artistic journey, displaying his growth as a musician and lyricist. With each track, Nasty C skillfully explores a myriad of themes, from love to self-discovery and the complexities of life in the modern world. His lyrical prowess is on full display, weaving intricate narratives that captivate and resonate with audiences.

The album’s production is nothing short of exceptional, featuring a diverse range of beats and instrumentals that effortlessly complement Nasty C’s versatile style. Whether it’s hard-hitting tracks showcasing his rap skills or soulful melodies unveiling his vulnerability, “I Love It Here” offers a sonic journey that keeps listeners engaged and eager for more.

Collaborations with other talented artists add depth and diversity to the music, highlighting Nasty C’s ability to seamlessly collaborate and elevate the South African music scene on a global scale.

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