Petersen Zagaze – Apocalypto (Full ALBUM)


Zambia’s seasoned musical maestro, Petersen Zagaze, is back in the spotlight with a musical revelation that has fans buzzing with excitement with Apocalypto album.

Petersen Zagaze highly anticipated sixth studio album, titled “Apocalypto,” has finally hit the airwaves, and it’s a musical journey that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

“Apocalypto” is a monumental achievement for Petersen, featuring a grand total of 18 captivating songs that showcase his artistic prowess and evolution over the years.

What makes “Apocalypto” even more impressive is its star-studded lineup of featured artists. Collaborations with DJ Cosmo, Milz Music, Karasa, and other notable musicians add depth and diversity to the album.

As a seasoned Zambian artist, Petersen Zagaze‘s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. With “Apocalypto,” he not only reaffirms his position as a musical icon but also pushes the boundaries of creativity.

Zambian music enthusiasts and fans of African music can expect “Apocalypto” to be a significant addition to their playlists.

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