At the helm of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s reign, I saw many former prominent MMD politician enjoy the sweat of Sata and the initial PF members. I saw the very people that called PF names when it was in opposition, the many people that disrespected Sata became the owners of circle around President Lungu.I think if one was a big fish under MMD, it was automatic that they deserved a chair at the table with the PF, my conviction was that there weren’t loyal to ECL but loved the idea of being closer to the presidential chair. This observation forced me to sing “Bamuselela Kwakaba”.I don’t know if the song reached PF president Lungu, all I know is a whole entire syndicate of former MMD opted to cancel all my jobs, opportunities and little engagements or money making ventures with any government institutions, many of my payments for jobs done were blocked upto date. Hoping to make me starve so I have no choice but to join in singing praises for PF. I still survived and lived to witness the day PF was swept away by Zambians.What was surprising to me was that the same people that failed to win against PF when they were in power were trusted to make PF win or remain in power. 🤔What I know is that, since 2004, I have never made music for any government of the day but I have never died, I am here and bigger. I have seen 5 presidents come and go at helm of my career while being considered as an opposition artist and I managed to survive the most cruel regime of all in the last 10 years.God willing I will still witness many while I still through in checks and balances like a patriotic Zambian should be. I am One Zaga!Today that very song “Bamuselela Kwakaba” is circulating on people’s gadgets, is it that this is when the song is making sense? Because most radio stations ignored it from accessing airplay when it was released, people were only downloading it privatel

note that, this song was realized in 2017.