Tommy D – Godfather (Official Video)


Tommy D has treated fans to the visual spectacle for the second track from his highly anticipated album, “The Godfather.” This song, titled “Godfather,” is not just a showcase of skill but also serves as an inspiration for listeners to believe in their own power and abilities. The album is set to drop on December 28, 2023.

In “Godfather,” Tommy D embodies a persona that epitomizes prowess while motivating the audience to recognize their innate capabilities. The music video, shot and directed by Fanwell, complements the powerful and motivating essence of the track.

The production credits include Executive Producer DJ Mzenga Man, beat production by Pouli G, and mixing/mastering by The Mix Machine ZM. These creative minds have come together to curate a musical experience that promises to captivate and uplift.

Stay tuned for the full album release on December 28, 2023, as Tommy D takes listeners on a captivating journey through “The Godfather.”