“Wagga shares memories of souls with Kabamba.”


Wagga shares memories of souls with Kabamba……

He had so much dreams and aspirations, so he worked very hard. I bet he wanted the best for himself and his family. His humble background didn’t do much to restrain him from persuing his biggest dream.

The dream to become a music super star, a hero for all the young people around his neighborhood. To make them believe that it is possible to dream and achieve anything with work, focus and determination.

I may not know much about his grass to grace story but one thing is for sure he lived his biggest dream, he became a music star. Yes! a star.

One night a brother from Kasama brought a song to me, titled “Nibuku bwanji” we listened to it and the first thing I asked him was which artist was behind the song because mahn it was mahd!!! Full of energy and vibe. So he told me it was some guy from Milima in Kasama, his Name… “Kabamba”.

Me n’ my guy talked about how it was becoming a trend that artists from Kasama were using their actual names for their music brands as this was the same time Muzo aka Alphonso was on top of his game, mahn!! it was a good time to be alive if you hailed from Kasama.

Fast forward 2022 my guy brings Kabamba and I together, so we start working together for some time and we did a lot of Binez together some happened some flopped. But all in all we were good.

So Kabamba works up one day and tells me bro apa let me go back pa Lusaka I help a bro from my record label to market his newly released album. I said yeah go ahead mahn. Go and do your thing my guy you have my support.

That’s how my guy left for Lsk and never came back….🥺 He had plans of releasing his own album this year 2024. But his time to be on earth had elapsed. His plans where not that of God almighty.

Losing a friend so ambitious and determined and full of life. I learnt that time is an illusion, use it when you have it and use it wisely It doesn’t belong to any of us. It belongs to the creator.

Celebrate this new year but also remember that time is not yours it’s God’s and those who died in 2023 did not do anything wrong. Their time only elapsed. You whose alive did nothing to deserve the life you have, your time is yet to elapse.

Cc Wagga Kabamba Music Chungu