Watch DJ Mzenga Man – ‘2022 End Of Year Cypher’ Video


DJ Mzenga Man’s 2022 End Of Year Cypher is an exceptional collaboration among Zambia’s top rappers. The song features a dynamic mix of artists, including SlapdeeStevo76 DrumsUmusepela CrownMuzoDizmoXavenTommy DeeBobby EastDrifta TrekJae CashKryticKstar, and Tiye P. The music video begins with a dazzling performance by some of Zambia’s best-known entertainers, including DJ VjeezyKapembwa WenjelaniVinchenzoMubby RouxAlpha Romeo, and DJ Showstar, kicking off the song in a manner that promises excitement and fun.

The cypher’s introduction is just the beginning of the excitement as the rappers come in one by one, delivering their unique styles and lyrical abilities. DJ Mzenga Man’s exceptional production brings out the best in the artists, showcasing their strengths and lyrical prowess. The artists’ collaboration is remarkable, as each one brings their unique perspective and flow to the cypher, making for a cohesive and unforgettable track.

Slapdee, one of Zambia’s top artists, opens the cypher with his smooth flow, followed by Stevo, who adds a dose of energy to the track with his fast-paced style.

To cut the story short. Check it out below