WATCH:Nothern Province Producer Favour Sounds Recognized By Many Zambian Artists.. Macky2,Rich Bizy Chester……


Favour Mwaba is the youngest video creative / producer in Zambia northern at large, he is the founder of Favour sounds Entertainment and has a team of professionals working with him. He evidently has one of the best quality visuals that make him stand out. He has impressive visuals and a welcomed addition to in recognition from Macky2, Rich Bizzy,Chester more power and etc. Favour Mwaba also ensues vocal recordings and has notable bangers, these celebrated hits are not mere achievements.He’s one of the most branded creatives, branding is a result of consistency plus limitation.He’s digital footprint is amazing, he only portrays he’s craft to the mass and nothing else. He’s a definition of excellence in he’s area of expertise.