Zambia’s Creative Artist,” Umusepela Crown” Appreciates one of his big fan “Prince Luckson” from Kasama Town on Facebook publicly


read below what Umusepela Crown Wrote

I want to appreciate this guy standing next to me man!I know most of y’all say you’re my number one fans but #Prince_Luckson is going all in.He is an innovative young man, a videographer, photographer and someone i can proudly say uufipanga possible ba Kasama baumfwa inyimbo shandi… Like this guy literally takes my latest releases kuma radio stations for airplay. He has been around since my first mixtape “Hip-hop Is Not Dead.” I was selling it at K50 by then and this guy bought it at K100. The time I released “Positive Energy” he bought it, the time we launched the “Panga Money Iwe” merch he grabbed it.But iyalengelefye njishibe ati awe uyu muntu wa last ni iyi; he did his research, found out that I have shifted from my home town and made sure he travelled all the way from Kasama just to meet up with me and yeah, you guessed right Prince found me.We had a good time together and I appreciate every second we had spent.Such love and support inspires me to spend most of time creating the music in fact naya mu boofi.