Chella Tukuta teka amatako pashi- King Dandy Krazy reacts to Chellah


Chela Tukuta teka amatako pashi.” – King Dandy Krazy reacts to Chellah Tukuta

He wrote;
Zambian music has come a long way for it to be where it is right now.We have been invited to perform in the diaspora by the Zambian promoters in their countries according to their audience expectations.
Zambian Music Industry is stil very young and the population is small but Zambian artists have worked hard to improve the sound and picture quality(video).There are few Zambian musicians who’s music has been aired on international media platforms like Trace Tv,Bet,channel O etc.Hence, you dont expect a local musician to pull the cloud in other countries.
Respect what we have done without the help of big label companies like universal studios,Sony music etc.
All governments which has been in power has never put in place the conditions for its own musicians to improve the industry unlike other countries like Nigeria,South Africa,Congo Dr etc

We thank you to all the promoters in the diaspora who are working hard to put Zambia on the map and bit by bit one day we will be there on international market.

Now that the New Dawn is in power I advice that they put in place good measures to improve the welfare of artists.

Look for my video tommorrow on this page 10hrs Mr chella Tukuta Zambian photographer for the Republican President.
Wesley Chibambo
A.k.a Kingdandy
A.k.a Dandy krazy
A.k.a Bashi ToTo