Slap Dee Must Be Begging For Friendship From Chef 187 — Chef’s Fans.


Slap Dee Must Be Begging For Friendship From Chef 187 — Chef’s Fans.

Two Zambian artists who were great rivals Slap Dee and Macky 2 ended their beef with a hand shake and mingled on several occasions but it’s a different story for Mack 2’s young brother Chef 187.

For over a decade in the music industry, and there’s no sign of a Slap Dee and Chef 187 collaboration. Chef 187 has built his brand to greater heights and he’s one of Zambia’s greatest rappers.

Some of his fans have been looking forward to his collaboration with Slap Dee, but there has been no sign of it. And he was once asked if he would feature him in future, he responded by saying ”That is one thing that will never come into existence“.

On the 13th of January 2023, Chef 187 released his much anticipated body of work themed — ”Broke Nolunkumbwa“, a well delivered album with 24 tracks, great collaborations and skilled producers.

The album was well received by fans, within 3 days it earned 5 Million streams on Africa’s number audio streaming platform Boomplay. making him the first ever Zambian rapper to accomplish such a milestone.

Broke Nolunkumbwa has been the talk of the town, after a day of it’s release a majority of Zambian artists and entertainers shared this body of work, except for Slap Dee and that sparkled another conversation. Chef’s Fans started assuming he was jealousy of Chef’s success.

After 2 days passed since the release of Broke NolunkumbwaSlap Dee finally broke the silence and joined in and shared the album, but that did not satisfy fans. They still went on and on saying he was pressured to share the album.

Some fans took a different route out of it and stated that Slap Dee might be begging for friendship from Chef 187, by sharing his album because Chef 187 has never shared Slap Dee‘s content for a single day.

This is not actually the first time Slap Dee shared Chef’s project, even last year when Chef 187 released a single called ”Husband Material“ featuring DBwoy he shared it on his Facebook page.