Yo Maps wife Kidist sued for CONGO X2 shape up pills


Yo Maps wife Kidist sued for   CONGO X2 shape up pills

Wife to Zambia’s first rate artist  YO MAPS, Kidist has been sued for beach of contrcat

Kidist kifle has been found with a case to answer after going against the agreement in a contract to advertise for an allegedly company called Congo Kwetu Natural Products.

Kidist kifle, the wife of one of zambia’s biggest celebrity and a socialite herself, has been using her Facebook page to advertise on behalf of people’s business and companies.

In this case, Kifle was engaged by a company which sales a supplement called Congo X2 Shape Up Pills. A supplement known to reshape Ladie’s disfigured bodies body shapes. There was an agreement that kifle would first use the products and see the results for herself before she could pick up the advertising on her page.

This was all done back in Early 2021, in which she was supposed to appear at the said company for photoshoots to track her reshaped body as to see the effects of the supplement and also use the pictures to boost the advertisement.

The company recalled a defamatory state made by Kidist kifle on her social media page claiming that the products were ineffective and could bring problems to consumers, a statement the company said made them make loss.

It is at this point, Kidist kifle has been dragged to court to answer for causing damages worth K800,000